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Are you having difficulty sorting through a mountain of details in order to make a decision about your next step as you age? Do you or a loved one need help now? The list of resources to the left will help you explore your options. You can also call a JABA Options Counselor in your area directly for assistance.  Also, follow the Virginia Navigator link for more information.

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Wills for Seniors Program

Estate planning procrastination can severely limit your medical and financial options in later life, and so planning early is important to keeping your independence. But lawyers can be expensive for some seniors, and many people simply don’t like thinking about these issues. That's why JABA teams up with volunteers attorneys from the Law Offices of Williams Mullen, and law students from the University of Virginia, to offer FREE life planning counseling and services through our award-winning Wills for Seniors Program. 
All eligible participants receive a simple will, durable power of attorney and/or an advance medical directive, and the documents are prepared on-site by volunteer attorneys from the Law Offices of Williams Mullen.Wills for Seniors is a bi-annual program JABA offers in coordination with the Law Firm of Williams Mullen. We provide free estate planning services consisting of a simple will, durable power of attorney and/or an advance medical directive. Documents are prepared on-site by Williams Mullen attorneys. 
Dates: The program is held twice each year, in the spring and fall. The next session's date is November 13, 2018 from 9am to 2:45pm.
Criteria: Must be 60 years or over, OR 18 years or over with a disability. Other eligibility requirements may apply. Space is limited so the sooner you schedule an appointment the better. 
Contact: Shelia McGrath, 434-817-5253 or
Recent press:
JABA Again Offering Free Estate Planning for Seniors
CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Jefferson Area Board for Aging (JABA) is again hosting its Wills for Seniors program. 
The program helps senior citizens in the low to middle income bracket get free help with estate planning. Any senior who can't afford to consult an attorney, because of medical bills or some other expense is welcome to participate in the program.
Attorneys from Williams Mullen in Charlottesville, along with legal staff and law students from the University of Virginia, will all meet with about 30 seniors to walk them through the process of planning for their estate, designating a power of attorney, and filling out an advance medical directive if they don't already have one.
Dave Dallas, managing partner at Williams Mullen, says that every year they help people who have been worried about their estate.
"They get a sense of relief it seems to me after going through the process, and hearing that they're not unlike other people," Dallas said.
JABA hosts this program twice a year.

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