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Generation Us: During shorter ACA enrollment period, don't procrastinate

If you’re one of those folks who typically waits until the last minute to do things, when it comes to signing up for affordable health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) this year —— or reviewing and renewing your current plan — you may want to change that habit.

“ACA open enrollment will be especially complicated this year, as the health insurance company that covered people in Virginia last year, Anthem, has left and has been replaced by Optima,” said Joe Bernheim, a certified ACA counselor at the Jefferson Area Board for Aging. “That’s why everyone who’s already covered should go back to the marketplace to find out how your plan might have changed, and what options you have.”
For first-timers, Bernheim says it’s also best to get counseling and find out what kind of coverage you can get, and at what cost, given your particular situation.
“There are so many different circumstances that people have,” he said, “and really the only way to find out if you can benefit from the program is to go in and get assistance.”
In addition, the political fight over the ACA’s existence has created some bumps in the road for this fall’s open enrollment period, which runs from Nov. 1 to Dec. 15 — a situation that will require a little more awareness and pre-planning than it did last year. Read More

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