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Are you having difficulty sorting through a mountain of details in order to make a decision about your next step as you age? Do you or a loved one need help now? The list of resources to the left will help you explore your options. You can also call a JABA Options Counselor in your area directly for assistance.  Also, follow the Virginia Navigator link for more information.

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Information & News on Aging

Assisted Living & Respite Care

Generation Us: How to know when it’s time to transition to assisted living

Generation Us: Respite care offers a break from burden of worry

Generation Us: Advance directive can bring peace of mind


Aging in Place

Generation Us: Universal design works for all ages and life stages

Architectural Digest: Everything you need to know about Aging in Place



Ask a Geriatrician: What do I need to know about tick bites?

Generation Us: You're never too old to take proper care of your teeth

Generation Us: Playing it safe in sun and heat is important for seniors, too

Generation Us: Boxing fitness program battles Parkinson's disease symptoms

Ask a Geriatrician: How can I prevent falls?

Generation Us: Depression or dementia? Note symptoms and seek doctor's help

Generation Us: The power of music in dementia care takes many forms

Generation Us: Take care of your vision

Generation Us: Don't let hearing loss isolate you from people and activities you love

Generation Us: Workshop empowers people to manage chronic conditions on their own

Generation Us: Separating myths from facts about cognitive decline

Generation Us: Learning new things helps keep brain sharp

Generation Us: Loneliness and social isolation taking a toll on many elders



Generation Us: Volunteer takes the confusion out of Medicare Part D coverage



Generation Us: It's not too late to get saving for retirement back on track

Generation Us: Figuring out how much you'll need to save for retirement

Generation Us: Entrepreneurs redefining notion of retirement

Generation Us: Ditch the myth that older workers aren't productive



Generation Us: Lessons learned from non-medical in-home caregiving

Generation Us: Caregiving relationships, though challenging, deepen our bonds



Generation Us: Many now spending retirement years caring for elderly parents

Generation Us: Ageism at the movies requires fighting stereotypes in entertainment

Generation Us: Graying of the suburbs presents challenges for the community

Generation Us: Working toward an 'age-friendly community'

Generation Us: Sharing expertise strengthens the whole community

Generation Us: Artificial intelligence may help combat isolation

Generation Us: Longevity increases where 'Blue Zone' factors converge

Generation Us: Separate myths from facts about older drivers' track record



Generation Us: Hospice care can be best choice for many patients and families



Generation Us: See if your family qualifies for wide range of military benefits



Generation Us: Teacher shortage opening opportunities for retirees

Generation Us: Retreads prove you’re never too old to love to play ball

Generation Us: Gardening blends expertise with discovery and wonder

Generation Us: Seniors heading back to school for skill building, satisfaction

Generation Us: When a 'sustainable lifestyle' simply meant living a good life

Generation Us: Bringing generations closer together strengthens communities

Generation Us: The joys of having six living generations in one family

Generation Us: The joys of having six living generations in one family

Generation Us: Serving as a volunteer mentor can change two lives

Generation Us: Dating and romance remain exciting throughout our lives

Generation Us: Online shopping a welcome alternative to fighting holiday crowds

Generation Us: Not interested in cooking? Meal planning can save the day



Generation Us: Exploring the family tree has developed into popular past-time

Generation Us: How looking back on life can help you move forward

Generation Us: Words to live by handed down by our grandparents

Generation Us: Heeding the wisdom of youth

Generation Us: Older parents find a different set of gifts, joys

Generation Us: When age and ageism contribute to depression

Generation Us: Participating in the arts benefits community — and spirits


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