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24-Hour Assistance

You are looking for a safe and secure community that provides 24/7 care. Perhaps you are concerned about the safety and well-being of a loved one currently residing in a nursing home or assisted living community. The resource list to your left will help you explore your options or follow the Virginia Navigator.

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Access to All JABA Services

Please refer to the links below to learn about JABA's services or contact an Options Counselor near you from the list below, to explore your options.

JABA’s Options Counselors

  • Albemarle County - 434-817-5222, 434-817-5255
  • City of Charlottesville - 434-817-5222
  • Fluvanna County -  434-842-1033
  • Greene County - 434-985-2047
  • Louisa County -  434-817-5222
  • Nelson County -  434-260-8771, x501
  • Email inquiries - 
  • If you are caring for a loved one in a long term care community and concerned for their safety and well-being, learn more about JABA’s Ombudsman Advocacy Program

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